Foreign Investors and their success is very important to us.


We help them purchase an existing business.


We help them expand their business to USA.

We can help them purchase real estate

We insure them of profits and good income for 5 - 7 years.



No one does it better than our inspectors. They are very thorough and inspect any prospective property before we buy it.​

We are very proud to have persuaded Virginia Franklin to join our Foreign Investment team and be a forerunner in innovative techniques which bring substantial profits into our organization and for our foreign investors.


In addition Virginia is the administrator in charge of the Real Estate Coaching Division. Virginia has given literally 1000s of seminars in her Conference Rooms and her 9 offices in Glendale plus over 6000 seminars in the Hilton Hotel and other prestigious hotels in USA, UK and France since 1982.



Our expert team works closely with our Immigration Attorneys who work hand in hand with the USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Services) on all the steps to get our Foreign Investors a Permanent USA resident Green Card for them and their family

Our Real Estate and Business Attorneys will supervise your investment in business and real estate


We work with ALL nationalities



Our planners are some of the best in their field and plan the best way to improve the value by renovations and room additions, or modifications for our buildings and managing construction to completion.


Our professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise to make purchasing, refinancing  a small or a multimillion dollar commercial transaction easy.



Owners and tenants alike have grown accustomed to the pleasure of dealing with our company. Our owners and Tenants are content with each other

Our Professional, Administrative, Real Estate & Business Investment Team works to get our foreign investors a USA Home, a USA Business, which hires up to 10 employees and USA Commercial Real Estate, all of which brings good profits to the Investor for 5 - 7 years. We also supervise all the activities below.  


Our construction professioinals do the work quickly and efficiently. They get the job DONE!


Tenants  uniformly feel they are making your house/unit/office building payments. They typically feel they are getting nowhere.

We have solutions which turn enemy tenants into our friends..

Contact us

LET OUR PROFESSIONALS HELP YOU to find out how to come to the USA and be prosperous and get Green Cards for you and your family, with our experts, accountants and attorneys, who we have chosen very carefully and who have many years of experience.

There is  no obligation.

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1-888 899 9943

1-888 809 0891 (Choose person want to speak to on both lines)

Additional Land lines and cell phones to be given after initial contact.

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