Virginia Franklin runs the Foreign Investment USCIS (United States Citizens and Immigration Services) team and is a forerunner, bringing in foreign investment funds through USCIS programs.  She has over 30 years of business, financial, residential and commercial real estate experience. Virginia has created innovative real estate methods which bring substantial profits for our foreign investors.


In addition Virginia is the administrator in charge of the Real Estate Coaching and Life Coach Divisions.


Virginia has given literally thousands of large seminars in the Hilton Hotel and other prestigious hotels in USA and UK for over 30 years.  

If you are Chinese and are looking for help entering USA on the Government Program EB5 (Employment Based form #5)  click here.

Virginia got into real estate investing as her only source of income.   People saw her success and wanted to learn how she did it.

This started a 25-year business which enlightened thousands with financial direction, most of whom purchased properties and a lot of them purchased creatively.  Not only did Virginia teach real estate investments, she also maintained her LIFE COACHING, so that if someone was not interested in real estate, they could still have their general lives and financial lives changed.

TV and Radio

Virginia has been in the Newspapers and on TV and Radio for many years being interviewed and

teaching her Real Estate methods, which she has developed herself and which are not taught elsewhere.

Life Coach First

Virginia has been an accomplished Life Coach for 24 years.


Definition of Life Coaching: Life coaching is helping turn people's lives around. A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.


Virginia says  "I found some of my students just wanted the  Life Coaching. I gave each and every one of them individual attention, so they could realistically reach their goals, whatever they be,  and overcome life problems, to make their dreams come true." 

"I was happiest when inspiring and sharing what I had discovered in my own long life journey and letting my students know that they can be prosperous, and do well in life if they follow their plan." 

"If they wished,  I gave them the vehicle of real estate, as one of the ways, to get them financially secure and stable."


Faith and God.  "Of course, my students do not have to believe in God to become a student, but they will need Faith in what they are doing.   I personally believe that a belief in God will help them enormously."

Self Made Millionairess

Virginia decided to survey 18 millionaires to find out what caused their success.  17 of them made it in real estate and one of them made it in the stock market. 


So she got into real estate, but the problem was she had no money or credit.

She came up with real estate methods not thought of before, but the biggest reason for her success was when she met with the sellers, she made it an important step to understand what they needed and wanted.  Then she went back to the office and came up with different methods which put the seller and their needs first.  Then she looked at how she could profit.

Needless to say, she was successful and came up with several completely new real estate methods and some old ones revamped.  When she did not close the deal, she made friends with the sellers.  Virginia says "It is necessary to be genuinely genuine.   A true Christian.  One that cares."

Courses and Seminars

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