Virginia Franklin has been giving people LIFE COACHING and the right knowledge and tools to be a financial success for 25-35 years.


Definition of Life Coaching: Life coaching is helping turn people's lives around. A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.

She found that most wanted the real estate tools listed below (after Life Coaching) to make their lives financially stable.    "People will move in their own direction and if I can find for them what that is and how to reach it, then I have done my job."


Virginia thoroughly believes that anyone who is in earnest, who is willing to work hard for months and maybe years, who has the perseverance to ride the ups and downs, with unwavering faith, it is possible to change their financial lives.  She says:


"All they need is the correct tools and the right knowledge.  

I also believe, that if they want to keep their successes, they will

need a belief in God. "


People who want to be prosperous, need to realize that we are in a universe of energy.  They need to know the rules of that energy, so they can control it.  Virginia will go over how energy is stopping you and show you how to remove the barriers that surround each person.​

In addition to energy barriers, there can be several other reasons why people do not have money.  These are also shown to those who study with Virginia.

NO CHARGE:  Right now, instead of charging $3-5,000.00  per person as she used to, she is volunteering Life Coaching + all the real estate and courses below, free of charge, to help others, because she genuinely feels that God would like her to.

To read more about Virginia and her background, please click here


This is Virginia with some of her students in her own conference rooms.   Here they are role-playing, or explaining what they have just learned.  Virginia feels both are necessary, so their understanding is realistic and especially the role-playing, prepares them for seller questions.  

Faith Based Courses, Seminars and Training

Hands-on One-on-One Real Estate Coaching

Note:  The information in these courses is unique, different and  not taught elsewhere


1.  Cash To You When You Buy Property
2.  Wholesaling with a Difference
3.  Assignments where you are Safe
4.  Foreclosures/Really Help the Seller
5.  Short Sales - a Win-Win-Win
6.  Creative Financing
7.  Lease Option the Way We Do It
8.  How to Evaluate Properties
9.  Property Exit Strategies
10.Sell Property in Any Market
11.Options with Special Clauses
12.Partnerships where you all win

Also learn:

1.  Investments,

2.  Banking,

3.  Finance,

4.  Assets Control
5   Management

6.  Consulting 

7.  Landlording

Plus much more

1.  Purchase Contract Examined Line by Line
2.  Asset Protection and Tax Relief
3.  Credit Cleanup & More

4.  Insider Secrets of Real estate
5.  Negotiation and Sales

6.  Success Program

7.  Property Management

8.  Goal Setting and Planning

9.  How to Rise Above Your life barriers

10. Energy and How it Can Stop You

LIFE COACHING;  We begin everyone with Life Coaching to establish their individual Financial and Life goals.  We include all the details and steps necessary, so they can begin from where they are NOWand get to where they want to go, using our special 'Goals Sheet'  which will direct their planning , targeting them to success systematically.

For Virginia's philosophy and Bible verses to do with Faith click here

TESTIMONIALS.  Buying property

To see the religious philosophy of Virginia, please click here

My name is Bob

TESTIMONIAL.  Buying property

TESTIMONIALS.  Buying property. 

We apologize in advance for the choppiness of these, but you will get the idea.


TESTIMONIALS.  Course Completeions

Listen here to some Course Completions which show the quality of our teaching methods which are NEW and DIFFERENT and include role-playing. Our main emphasis, after our initial conversation with the seller/s, is concentrating on what is best for the them.   It is only after that, we consider ourselves.

Sellers love our refreshing and honest approach. 
                   Often they will say:  "If it is so good for me, why are you doing this?" 

Character and Testimonials

Virginia with her dog Zeus in her  9 offices.

We have spoken to many of Virginia Franklin's students and appreciate how much she cares for them and how successful they have become because of her, which they readily admit. This is also self evident from the Testimonials.

She provides her students with the skills and tools that give the advantage necessary to prosper in the Finance market place, Real Estate, Corporate, Personal and Business Life. 


Virginia is also an expert in coaching people to overcome behaviors and inner and outer obstacles, which may impede their progress and affect their success.


Studying with Virginia will change your life forever. You will not only get the latest creative real estate methods which are unique and not taught elsewhere, but if you need, you will conquer your fears and accomplish your goals!



Contact us

The thing to know is that anyone can change their financial lives.  It does take application, perseverance and unwavering faith, through however long it takes. 

If you  need  financial help, please feel free to contact us.

If you just want Life Coaching, then I would be only happy to help you.    There is  no obligation or charge.

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Additional Land lines and cell phones to be given after initial contact.

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