I am going to put just a few videos here.  There are hundreds of them.  But I want you to see what is going on with the brains of parents after taking drugs/

These videos are self explanatory.


It is different if an adult makes a choice to take drugs or prescription drugs. 

They used their sense of choice.

But to take God's children and drug them, that is where I draw the line.

And what happens to them after that is horrifying to me personally.

The more I see, the more horrified I am.

This was  hidden from myself and my friends (who are pretty savvy)  and now I find myself with what looks like an epidemic.

I am going to take up the challenge and I hope you the reader, will too.

I am not looking for donations, but I am looking for people with like mind , that Kids & Drugs can cooperate with.

Let's get together

and  talk...

LIVE the dynamite of life, not the dynamite of drugs

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