"Just as short as 50 years ago, people did not run to the doctor every time a child had a problem, they used good old fashioned ethics and reason.  Alternative solutions were mostly found.

The doctors in my day recommended healthy food and bed rest as a solution to most things.  We had the saying which I grew up with "An apple a day keeps colds away"

Feature Article on Foster Children.   OVER MEDICATION

ITS SHOCKING! 13 simultaneous strong medications.  Click for video

How can taking mind altering drugs lead to a lasting cure, with more and more drugs to handle the side effects of the first drug?  Where does this end up?  More and more dependency?  And then permanent addiction?

In addition to the drugs that are being given to babies , foster children, our young children and teens, there is an ever larger growth of babies born with their parent's addictions!  It is an obvious one, but I never thought of it until now.  Its an alarming statistic: ONE BABY EVERY HOUR in USA!

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The number of children who are taking prescription drugs has skyrocketed!

Susanna N. Visser presented a report on Friday at the Georgia Mental Health Forum in Atlanta on the diagnosis and medication for A.D.H.D. in young children:

ATLANTA — In Georgia alone more than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  Read more

Five million young children  prescribed Ritalin diagnosed with attention deficit disorder in 1997! alone.


This has increased by 700 per cent today.  This drug, is a stimulant related to amphetamine.
awrence H. Diller MD has written 3 books to do with children on drugs.

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Electro-convulsive therapy involves placing electrodes on the forehead and passing 460 VOLTS of electrical currents through the brain in order to induce a seizure lasting from 30 to 60 seconds.  Which verifyable creates brain damage.

Let me understand this.  We make our kids have tantrums with prescription medications and now we shock their brain? 


It has been proven that electroshock therapy produces brain damage.  Many have committed suicide afterwards.  

We need to wake up!  We need to keep our kids off of drugs and we certainly do not give them a 460 volt brain damaging shock wave! 


What is their future going to be like!  What is the future of America going to be like?

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Robert Whitaker'He was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 1998. Whitaker's work has alerted both the medical community and the general public to the serious dangers of psychotropic medicines when used for extended periods. 

Lyle Hurd, Total Health Magazine. interviews Dr. Hyla Cass:

Children on prescription drugs which have not been tested for children:  Dr. Hyla Cass worries about young children taking medications because they're not being properly diagnosed and the drugs aren't being tested on children.  http://www.ihealthtube.com

In just four years, one doctor had earned $1 million giving promotional talks and consulting for drug companies; 21 others had made more than $500,000.  See more

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LIVE the dynamite of life, not the dynamite of drugs

I love America and want the best for it.  I am very worried about the amount of drugs given to our children and the number of drugs taken by adults.

What can the future for America be?

We can look at China in the 1920s. 


China was a growing world power.  It had huge potential, until it got hooked on opium Opium was even in the candy.  Long story short, China sunk for 100 years.  It is gradually coming back and taking its rightful place.

For the sake of our glorious country, we need to conquer current drug addiction, along with God's help, in order to maintain future sanity and freedom for America.

I appeal to all Christians and others, to march alongside us, for the benefit of good for all.

What the future could look like.

Contact us and let's talk.

If you look at the top video on this page and the effects drugs had on the Foster children, you will see how their tantrums were caused by drugs.


Web:   KidsandDrugs.net  (network)



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