Today Virginia is retired in Florida.  Her main vision is to see children off of drugs.  To see why, please visit this page  

Virginia is very active in volunteering at organizations who wish a speaker, in the areas of her expertise or passion.  To find out more about Virginia, please go to  Faith

Virginia has given literally thousands of seminars in the Hilton Hotel and other prestigious hotels in USA, UK and France for over 30 years.


​Virginia became a self-made millionairess and has as her important mission to help and enlighten others.  She had her own company with 9 offices and 13 direct staff for 25 years


Virginia has been an accomplished Life Coach for 24 years.

As part of her Life Coaching,  Virginia taught Finance, Business and Leadership.​ 


Virginia says "I was happiest when inspiring and sharing what I had discovered in my own long life journey and letting them know that they can be prosperous and do well in life, if they persevere and follow their plan and maintain the faith."  Parents all too often wish to share the drug they are taking with their children, even in the form of drug additives to food or cookies.

I think we all need to realize that a child is God's gift to you, for you to bring up, sharing your hard won knowledge, until it is time to let them out of the family shield, to fend on their own.

It would be good for parents and people contemplating taking drugs to go to this page, which shows the effects of drugs on the young. and some actual statistics, I think you the reader will benefit from reading.


We should remember the way the powers in 1800s brought China down. China was rapidly growing into a world power. see Opium Wars.   Opium was even in the candy.  As a direct planned result, China sunk into the opium den abyss-bliss and they rose no more, for nearly 100 years.


Yes, drugs can take out a whole country and I think in USA we need to be worried.  In addition to the enormous amount of prescription drugs being given to children, adults and Seniors, EVERY HOUR A BABY IS BORN HOOKED ON DRUGS.  See Drug Statistics page.

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LIVE the dynamite of life, not the dynamite of drugs

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