When your child is on prescription drugs, it is just a matter of time before he/she is a target at school and college, where drugs and the taking of drugs is rampant.  They are already geared up to take drugs and are already dependent upon drugs.

These kids and teens are our future generation. 

They do not realize what they are doing, especially if they have been receiving drugs as children or were hooked on drugs when born. 

Let's alert them.  Let's educate them.  Let's create a revolution against drugs and a generation that is clean, upright and happy.

Hooked on prescription drugs and more.

Here you can see the gradual progression through individuals who are drugged as children.

Imagine these people getting into politics and positions of importance.

Imagine what kind of parents they will be.

Imagine how many will be on social services.

Imagine how many will kill others.

Imagine what the children of these individuals will be like.




March 14th 2019. 

Teens 'shunning drink and drugs: Youngsters opt for healthier lifestyles."  Read more 

This is fantastic news!  This is in the UK.  We need these kind of headlines in the US.

Look at the potential  downward spiral of babies, young children and teens on drugs: 

Why do I feel lost. 

I don't want to take  so many pills, but my doctor , mom and dad say they are good for me.

I am so angry!  I don't know why!  I am on several medications.  Sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am so irritated.  Having memory problems

This picture speaks for itself. 


It's the product of drug taking. 


Whether it looks like this,

or whether they have applied makeup and

'look normal' or if they took a 'happy'  drug, so they could 'act normal' as well as 'look normal'.


Underneath makeup and drugs it is the same, 

they are like this.

What is this? 

Never experienced this before.  Not sure I like it.  But must be good for me, because I trust my Mom.

Our kids  trust us.   Let's not do this to them.

LIVE the dynamite of life, not the dynamite 

of drugs

Web:   KidsandDrugs.net  (network)



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